I bought a home coffee roaster recently, a Behmor 1600. Its around the size of a microwave, and has a rotating mesh drum inside to turn the coffee while it is being heated by a couple of very hot elements!

It looks like this;






So I set out with the intention of creating a Christmas blend for filter brew methods, mainly french press. I proceeded to buy 1kg each of 3 different coffees from – a Guatemalan, Costa Rican and Ethiopian.

After almost setting my house on fire, I roasted a half-pound (225g) of each coffee separately and let it develop for just over 48hrs, then I called a friend with a good nose round to cup them with me. Here are the pics.






















































The flat white wasn’t very nice, but it looked good so that was ok! The milk completely obliterated any complexity in the blend. Good job it’s for filter…completely intentional!

I decided to go with a 60/30/10 blend of Guatemalan, Costa Rican, Ethiopian respectively. Tried in french press and aeropress and enjoying it so far! Considering I  rushed this whole process to get it done in time for christmas with the small amount of time I have spare at the moment I’m fairly happy with it!

After Christmas is over I will really start playing with different coffees. I want to nail an espresso blend as that’s what I drink mostly at home. Watch this space (but it might take a while…so get a cup of tea or something first)


2 responses to “Cupping…

  1. Nice idea for a blend. It is worth taking the same ratio of beans and roasting them together, there will probably be a marked difference in the taste development and character of the coffee in the end 🙂

    • Yep will give that a bash. Lots of pros and cons to roasting blends together or separately. The marked taste difference might not be a good one 🙂 will give it a crack though (yeah I meant that!)

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