Jam Jar Coffee!

So our friend Cass runs a fun blog called JamJarJam and does really cool things with disused jam jars. She suggested it might be fun if I did something coffee related. This will be the first of a few coffee&jar colaborations, so here is the first one…

Fun in a Cup’s French Press (in a jar) Guide;

You will need;

  • A french press (caffetiere)
  • some jars (I’m using two)
  • some scales
  • fresh coffee (beans or ground)
  • a kettle!

Firstly, boil the kettle, and preheat your cup, caffetiere, and jar. I’m using the jar as a decanter, because I’m cool like that. Maintaining temperature is important with coffee.

Next up, weigh out 15g of beans (or ground coffee) and grind them up nice and coursely so it feels like rough sand. I’m using another jar to weigh my coffee.

Pour the water out of the caffetiere and add your ground coffee

This should have only taken you a minute or so, which means the water in the kettle will have dropped slightly from boiling. That’s what we want. This is to avoid scorching the coffee grounds and leaving a burnt or bitter taste in the cup.

Add your water. I’m using a 1-cup caffetiere, which holds around 300ml of water. Ensure all the grounds are wet by giving it a brief stir, then start a timer. You’ve got 4 minutes to kill here!

In the meantime, I made myself a quick espresso (in a jar!) to keep me going!

When your timer tells you it has been 4 minutes, it’s time to scoop off the crust (the big thick bit of coffee at the top of the caffetiere) to reduce sediment in the cup. Using two desert spoons, simultaneously pull them across the top evenly so as to catch all the crust in one swoop, then throw it in the compost bin – it’s a good fertilising aid!

Replace the plunger, and press down slowly and evenly

Then pour the coffee into your decanting jar. I used a decanter so my coffee wasn’t continuing to brew after I’d poured myself a cup.

And we’re done! Pour and enjoy 🙂


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