It’s been a while!

Hello there!

So, last post was in February…sheesh! Where has the time gone?!

A lot has happened since then, let’s see…(this might be a big one!)

I provided coffee for two different companies exhibiting at Diabetes UK, held at the SECC in March. That was an amazing experience and the biggest event that I had done. I hired all the gear to equip two bars with 2 group machines, grinders, and the friendliest baristas I knew, without whom it wouldn’t have been possible. Filled a van with milk and we were ready to go! Amazing fun and can’t wait for the next one!

The other big news is that I am now 100% self employed! Since Fun in a Cup started, I had been running it around my full time work, simply because the business was in its infancy and hadn’t picked up enough speed to depend on it fully. I was always working towards running the business full time but didn’t know when that time would come.

Back in June I was asked to deliver training on behalf of Tennents Training Academy as an external tutor. Barista training isn’t the most popular course they deliver, being an alcohol based business, but nevertheless they wanted to ensure the barista training was very high quality, so this is something I’m currently working on with them, as well as advanced barista training, filter coffee and latte art master classes – fun stuff, but this meant taking a couple days off work most weeks to honour these commitments, which wasn’t ideal.

It was the added commitment of tutoring at Tennents on top of my job as a cafe manager, combined with my increasingly busy Coffee Training business that made me decide that I would make the scary jump to being fully self employed, so handed in a months notice at the cafe and started preparing to finish up at the end of July. Over a month in now and I haven’t looked back once! All the little things that I was writing down on my notepad to do ‘later’ can now get done sooner rather than later, and booking clients in for training is much easier as I only have the clients and my own schedules to work around – happy happy days!

Taking Fun in a Cup full time at the start of August also dovetailed with the completion of a new training space. Based at Espresso Services in Govans Elderpark Workspace, Fun in a Cup can now cater for groups in a more efficient way as we can have up to 4 machines running at any one time. We use equipment from manufacturers such as Gaggia, La Spaziale, Espresso Services, Simonelli, Franke, Anfim, and many more!

I now have space to offer training on alternative brew methods such as v60, chemex, French press, clever coffee dripper and aeropress. I use a wide range of freshly roasted coffee from suppliers such as Glasgows own Dear Green, HasBean, Extract, Union amongst others.

I’ll leave this one at that, but theres more to come soon!



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