Coffee Jam V

On Tuesday I hosted the fifth monthly Coffee Jam. Coffee Jam is an event organised by a few people looking to engage a wider audience in speciality coffee/general industry antics. There are many baristas and home baristas who attend, and people who haven’t ever made any coffee before but find it interesting and want to learn a bit more about coffee.

Generally the event starts off with an intro to what will be happening, in this case we had arranged a small cupping-style tasting of two different coffees, each processed in two different ways, so we had a selection of four to compare.

I’d like to thank Hasbean for donating four bags of coffee for this event; two Nicaraguan and two El Salvador. Each coffee was processed two ways, fully washed, and pulped natural. A washed coffee is one which has had the fruit removed and the bean fully washed with water (no suds!) so there is no mucilage left over. This typically gives a “cleaner” taste (funnily enough). A naturally processed coffee is one which has been left to dry with the fruit still in tact, then put through a pulping machine with a small amount of water so as not to remove all mucilage. This method usually lets you taste a certain “funk” from the coffee, due to the leftover fruit on the bean.

Some pics;

All really interesting flavours. We tasted all coffees blind (nobody knew what they were beforehand) so as not to influence flavour suggestions.

Everyone had their favourites and as always, some funny flavours were being exclaimed, chilli, and more specifically, kidney beans was my favourite!

Robbie, part of the Brew Lab team made the journey through to Glasgow from Edinburgh and kindly brought some interesting coffees along with him, so after the tasting had finished, he brewed some coffees in a v60 while some cleanup was happening, cheers mate!

We kept tradition by having a light hearted latte art competition, with the four best pours taking home a bag each of the remaining coffee from Hasbean, amazing!


Look at this amazing pour by Eilidh – never made a coffee in her life!

Thanks to everyone for the amazing turnout. Anybody who is interested in coming to the next one just get in touch for details, and follow Glasgow Coffee Jam on facebook!